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Sail More - 35' Catalina 350


s a luxurious sailing yacht with a wide and spacious dual helm cockpit that will
easily accommodate all passengers. The Dodger and Bimini is configurable to allow plenty of sun or total shade.


Bring your favorite snacks, food and drinks aboard. Sail Away has a full galley with plenty
of room in the refrigerator. Ice is always available in the freezer.


The stereo is blue tooth compatible and also has a plug so listening to you play
list is a breeze. XM Radio is also available for your enjoyment.


There are two heads (bathrooms) on board.


Sail Away meets or exceeds all US Coast Guard safety requirements. In addition below
is a list of other items that sets us above the rest.


Digital Radar (Provides the means to identify other vessels, aid to navigation, fixed
structures, rain and storms at a distance or when visibility is impaired.)

Automatic Identification System (AIS) (Displays location, course information and speed of all vessels equipped with type A or B AIS, this adds an additional safety layer for reduced visibility or emergency situations)








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